Can Timing Work for you..

You maybe breastfeeding for a few months, then decide to go on birth control until the time comes that you want another baby!  Since you only have boys or girls, you would love to try for the opposite sex.       So you make the decision to stop the birth control,-  for instance Feb - and decide to try the popular Timing Method in March.  Well......that's the 1st Mistake!!

Unfortunately, a lot of women think that as soon as they come off birth control (same goes with breastfeeding) they are ready to use this method of baby gender selection!!!

"Breastfeeding and Hormonal Birth control influences the monthly menstrual Cycle, 

so in order to use the timing method we need to see a regular period without such influence"

and it takes 3-6 cycles in order to get this RIGHT. (as every woman is different)

Really.... 3-6 cycles...isn't that a really long time?
No, you need to be able to pinpoint Ovulation without relying on Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPK)
They do not work for every woman and especially when trying for a girl, it just doesn't give you the 3 day gap you need (from intercourse to Ovulation).
So a few extra months is not a lot in order to get the baby gender you desire :)

Should you want to know whether 'timing' can work for you...
All you have to do is fill this SIMPLE & FREE Questionnaire, and we'll take it from there.

Here's a Snapshot.
How to Conceive a baby Girl, How to Conceive a Baby Boy

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