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It’s easy to get pregnant!!
How to conceive a baby Girl, How to Conceive a baby Boy
For many people, it's not easy!!!!!!    There are many factors that can affect the woman's ability to get pregnant.  These include the correct Timing of intercourse,  age,  health problems,  stress and a range of other variables. Yet family and friends often ask…
      “Why aren’t you pregnant yet?”
      “What are you waiting for...?”
      “What’s wrong with you?”
and this adds to the stress of already trying to conceive..    

Baby Gender Selection Ovulation happens on the 14th day!!
Well, not necessarily, unless ofcourse you have a perfect, consistent, 28 day cycle every month after month then maybe the 14th day is when ovulation happens !!!! 
But for most women this is simply not true and should not rely on the 'average' 28 day cycle when trying to conceive. The word 'average,' it does not mean that your cycles always last 28 days, nor does it mean that they normally last 28 days. Your cycles can be different from one woman to the other.
Observing your fertility signs can help you pinpoint ovulation. 

Baby Gender Selection
If we have sex regularly, I will get pregnant
    You can have all the sex you want, but unless you have sex 
    during your most fertile window (a few days prior Ovulation and 
    on Ovulation day) you will not conceive. So you can have sex 
    25 days out of the whole  month and still manage to 
    miss Ovulation.  So timing is the key!!  
    (especially if trying to conceive a specific baby gender)

We already have a child,it will be easy to conceive again!!
Maybe, but there is no guarantee!!! Many couples experience infertility or difficulty conceiving a second, third or even a fourth child. This is often caused by age related factors. We tend to wait these days don't we??  Infertility is the inability to conceive after regular, unprotected intercourse after 12 months or 6 months if a woman is over 35. 
Have a look at the chart below,  Whats your % in conceiving within 12 months?

Baby Gender Selection

 If you are having problems conceiving you should always talk to your doctor or a fertility specialist.

Baby Gender Selection
I will conceive as soon as I stop taking hormonal birth control
This is probably the most asked question. The answer to this is You can get pregnant as soon as your body is ovulating again (as long as there are not any underlying fertility concerns). Some women’s fertility returns as soon as they stop taking the pill and others take a few months. It is not uncommon to have long or irregular cycles for the first two to three cycles after going off the pill. Should you wish to try for a specific baby gender then you must wait till your periods are regular before trying.

A woman's menstrual cycle begins when she starts spotting
Baby Gender Selection Method
 Your menstrual cycle (period) begins on the first day you see bright red blood (brown spotting does not count).
Women are often unsure of the significance of spotting. They think that the spotting signals the start of their period, and count the spotting as Day 1 (CD1). Actually, the spotting is pre-menstrual spotting, and should be ignored. Only the start of a proper flow is considered to be Day 1. If they miscalculate, they end up mis-charting their entire cycle.

You cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding

Baby Gender Selection

 This is based on the fact that constant breastfeeding during the first months of your baby's life will delay the menstrual cycle. However, when your body decides to release the first postnatal egg, ovulation occurs before menstruation resumes. So you won't know you ovulated for two weeks until you get your period(if you get it that is!!!)
There are Strict Breastfeeding Rules you can follow should you wish to use breastfeeding as a contraceptive.

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