How To Get TIMING Right

  How YOU can control which sperm to fertilize your egg!

 Do you want to know HOW TO COUNT THE DAYS to Get TIMING RIGHT and the baby you are dreaming of?

 It's all based on the two different types of the male sperm (Y & X)

Men produce two types of sperm which already contain the sex chromosome which
pre- determines the sex of the baby. 

How to conceive a baby boy, timing method, conception planner, shettles

• Y (male) chromosome - are small, move faster and are short-lived, therefore intercourse as close to ovulation as possible is best for a baby BOY.
The faster Y sperm will arrive first and fertilize the female egg.
Helpful Tip: Deep Penetration, Woman to have an orgasm

How to conceive a baby girl, timing method, conception planner, shettles method 
• X (female) chromosome - are bigger, move slower and are longer-lived, therefore intercourse 3 days prior to ovulation is best for a GIRL.
The longer lived X sperm will only make it to fertilize the female egg.
Helpful Tip: Woman to avoid Orgasm

Therefore,  'Timing' of intercourse is the important factor to pre-determine the gender of your next baby.  

By taking advantage of the different properties of the X and Y sperms, we can today
influence the gender at conception by more than  90%.

 In the real world, many of us don’t have an exact 28 day cycle, so ovulation won’t consistently fall  on day 14 of the cycle for every woman.  Since you can only conceive during the 24-hour period every month when you are ovulating, being able to predict and pinpoint the window of opportunity (eg. the 3rd day before ovulation for a girl) is the key to having your baby Girl or Boy to Love!!!

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Baby Girl or Boy Planner is all 100% NATURAL, SAFE  and easy to use in the privacy of your own home.  It is based on YOUR own menstrual cycles and by Counting the Days it ACCURATELY Pin Points the conception days for your desired baby gender, so...

                     ...NO NEED for FOOD DIETS
                     ...NO NEED for DAILY BASAL TEMPERATURE charting
                     ...NO NEED for COMPLEX CHARTS
                     ...NO NEED to read pages and pages from a book     &
                     ...NO NEED to give out your personal info (eg Date of Birth)


Please Note: A small % of women are not able to use The 'Timing' method due to mostly irregular cycles. If you know your are in this category please do not proceed with "Timing"

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Conception Planner for a boy, ovulation chart boy girlBaby Gender Selection       
Baby Gender Selection

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